The need for growth to which companies aspire is conditioned by extraordinary performances. However, working is not sufficient but doing so and achieve the desired results with minimum resources is the must. Also, there is no longer need to demonstrate that a poorly explained result from the start is a limiting or even degrading factor for any work team, whatever the skills with which it abounds.

For new performances, a new management style: “Smartprise SEAMS”, the founding principles

  1. Distribution of the vision of top management in all hierarchical spheres of the organization: from the political to the operational via the strategic, the goals are more specific but linked, insofar as it is the top management which sets the course through one or more global objectives and the other sub-adjacent organizational units, decline them according to their specificities in order to raise the result thereafter.
  2. Involve and motivate staff more to achieve the desired results via the definition layer by layer, of objectives focused on performance because, a performance is a quantified result making it possible to classify itself compared to the others, but also compared to oneself.
  3. Communication that does not “overload” but rather creates value.
  4. Agility and focus by the formation of light organizational units that are both focused and hyperactive on a defined set of objectives.
  5. Limiting the under-exploitation of certain resources and the less profitable use of others; this also concerns financial, material, software and human resources (skills).

SEAMS in few words 

Collaborative work software

Performance, Productivity, Result, Growth, Taskforce, Workforce, Organizational Unit

SEAMS features

  • SMART Objectives definition: this type of objective is particularly motivating and generates more involvement both for all the team. In summary, it’s about having one that is:
    • Specific when it is suitable for the person responsible for carrying it out, which implies that it is directly linked to the work of the person concerned and the latter must have the means to carry it out. Its simple character meanwhile, guarantees its effectiveness.
    • Measurable when it makes it possible to assess the result of the efforts made.
    • Ambitious and accepted when it raises the challenge with a view to producing remarkable results, the scale of which must be accepted by all.
    • Realistic when it is not perceived by the teammates as impossible to reach, otherwise, they become discouraged.
    • Time bound when its deadline is clearly defined.
  • Execute team projects: if your activities imply projects, you can simply dispatch the related tasks to every member of your team.
  • Undertake independent tasks in accordance with objectives assigned to your taskforce: nothing will be done any more by chance, each task accomplished will be done beforehand within the framework of a strategic reflection for the benefit of your taskforce and your organization as a whole.
  • Access the schedule of all work concerning you in real time, know what has been assigned to you and what is scheduled in one or all of the taskforces in which you are involved.
  • Communicate in b to b messaging: receive messages that do not cut you off from a committed job and do the same to others so as to pass on information to them. Indeed, there is no longer any need to demonstrate that interruptions cut concentration and inspiration. In addition, they slow down the work.
  • Chat more broadly and interactively, much more than with an instant messaging application, by structuring your discussions in meetings built around one or more points on the agenda, which will have to lead to resolutions to record and transform for more actions for the benefit goals you pursue.
  • Don’t lose anything of your ideas: when you’re focused on a job, sometimes ideas pop up. So do not panic, just write them down with SEAMS, you will deal with these ideas later by yourself or with the help of your teammates.
  • Keep track of what everyone else in your team is doing all the time via a notification system that will deliver this information in real time on the first hand and on the second hand, synthetically every 24 hours in order to further galvanize some of you and to make you aware of your strike force over the objectives you pursue.
  • Evaluate: assess each task accomplished by you or one of your taskforce members with much more explicit figures. In the same vein, the performance of each of the resources made available to your taskforce can be evaluated because for each task completed, the author will have to indicate which resources were useful to him and in what proportion, whether acts directly of money, hardware and even software, in short all the assets that are yours can be referenced as and when to better make them profitable and better manage the life cycle of each of them from the purchase to amortization.
  • Measure through statistics which are served to you at will on your progress, objective by objective at first. In a second step, the same rendering will allow you to have a unified vision of your overall evolution as well as your consistency or not, in the pace of work of your entire working group day after day.

SEAMS advantages

  1. Connect to essential : the most successful companies in the past have known how to eliminate unnecessary gestures and wasted time in their production process; as the history of TOYOTA shows us with various methods that this historic firm will have been able to implement: the 5S method,…
  2. Increase your productivity: you will be more invested (focus) in your work because you and your teams will know precisely where you are going and any action you take will go in this direction, which will have the effect of boosting your productivity.
    1. In any task
    1. Projects
    1. With structured meetings
    1. While staying focus but without losing any idea
  3. Whatever the geographic distribution of your employees, you are synchronized: common access to SEAMS via the internet frees you from geographic constraints, so that you are in the same room or else at the other end of the world, you remain synchronous and efficient in your actions.
  4. Don’t waste time and optimize the use of your financial, hardware and software resources: what it also implies to generate more wealth and jobs; because you can more easily focus on your field and coordinate others in the execution of other work; which will have the advantage of helping you better invest in your vocation, passion or specialty of choice.
  5. Deploy your capacity for action by delegating more easily via the creation of additional taskforces to which you will be able to assign specific objectives to the missions or types of work which you will want to delegate, in addition, this will have the advantage of encouraging more the creation of jobs for profiles which are complementary to you.
  6. Gain competitiveness: the synergy that you will gain by associating your collaborators around this platform will make you more productive on all levels, enough to set you apart from your competitors.
  7. Materialize: because you will have been able to engage your employees with SMART objectives, they will be able to work better in synergy with you and your combined efforts will create the expected effect.
  8. Get data you need for more dynamic steering in real time : feed all your dashboards with data resulting from one or more taskforces and available on the fly
  9. Prove: with figures, it is easier to measure or see the results of your actions; your hierarchy and anyone waiting for feedback from your work will have no choice but to accept your performance. In addition, the statistics which are served to you facilitate the production of activity reports and their impact on the missions entrusted to you.

The added value of SEAMS and the difference with neighbouring products

  1. SEAMS is one of a kind
  2. SEAMS combines the qualities of a communication and monitoring tool (management dashboard) and an organization tool (planning, task allocation, supervision).
  3. SEAMS promotes excellence by allowing everyone to focus in their field while ensuring the exploitation and development of related skills.
  4. SEAMS drives growth through increased productivity of quality deliverables resulting from a set of tasks and projects accomplished in a coordinated manner.
  5. SEAMS stimulates the creation of wealth and jobs because the mechanisms of delegation and diversification of profiles will both create wealth in terms of products, results or simply deliverables but also human capital.
  6. Despite all of the above-mentioned functionalities, SEAMS is more affordable than all products operating in the same fields as it, taken separately.

How to use the solution?

  1. Use the address to access the functionality of the app from a web browser
  2. Try SEAMS free for 12 days, then get a license at $ 49.99 USD / year for administrator account created
  3. The administrator account gives you the possibility to create and coordinate taskforces at will and to integrate as many members as necessary
  4. To do this, all you need is a computer or a smartphone, an internet connection and an email address
  5. SEAMS is suitable to independent contractors, for small businesses, to all organizational units of medium and large companies, to specific projects and commissions, for yourself! Personally, how do you plan in 5, 10 years and above all, what do you do for that?

So don’t keep waiting for your success and happiness. Start now, « connect to essential » and make it happen with SEAMS.


SEAMS, « connect to essential »

Research and Development: NLO Research

Implementation and Operation : Excellent-SG