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Turn your dreams into reality, define your success, set corporate goals with examples

Well defined goals increase motivation and determination, better, they define your sense of success. However, most companies fail because they didn’t define it properly. So, where to start and how to proceed to funnel your success?  Setting goals has to be done through 03 steps : pre-work, goal setting itself and ongoing management of these goals.  Pre-work Here, you are

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When individual performances transform those of the company with BUSINESS PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT

Could any entrepreneur imagine the most that he/she can get from his employees? Not sure, unless if he/she get the right process. But business performance management exists and evolve, how could it help to do so? According to wikipedia, business performance management is a set of performance management and analytic processes that enables the management of an organization’s performance to

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Motivate other than with money

In general imagery, money is the crux for the development of a business. But according to the experience of experts, the mindset of employees is also an essential factor. In fact, a company’s employees are ideally its first and best ambassadors, but for those managers who do it badly, they see at their expense that they can also become its

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